Supporting the first Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Lithuania

In 2013 two students from Lithuania, studying medicine at Oxford, approached us at CEBM asking for our support to hold an outreach workshop in their home town of Vilnius, Lithuania. Their vision was to stimulate more evidence-based thinking for the medical students there who, they felt, were not exposed to enough teaching of critical thinking in medical decision making. 

The 2013 workshop, the largest ever EBM one in the country, was deemed a success and you can read a bit about it here on our departmental website. The workshop was also covered in a blog by one of the students4best evidence team, which you can access here.

882292_638556239556784_5305311758400549279_oBuoyed by the success of the 2014 workshop we (myself and David Nunan) were approached once again in 2014 to hold a follow up outreach one-day workshop/conference, this time in the city of Kaunas. Over 250 medical students, junior doctors, tutors, professors and deans attended. The event was once again very popular and deemed a notable success once more. Further details can be found here.

The two conference workshops have now led to the first Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Lithuania and the story of it’s background and inception have now been published as a commentary piece in The Journal of Evidence Based Medicine, with both of the students as the lead authors. They really have shown enormous leadership, drive and vision in making this all happen.

From our perspective, to be part of this was a real privilege for both David and I and we look forward to more developments and growth from the new Centre in Lithuania.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 21.40.01

(post script: you can download a copy of the paper here if you have trouble with the other link).

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