I am an NHS GP, NIHR Clinical Lecturer and Deputy Director at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine.

My main activities are divided between providing direct clinical care to patients, research and teaching.

As a researcher my main focus is on evidence synthesis and the acquisition and generation of high quality evidence that can support and underpin clinical practice and policy. Pivotal to this is the transparent availability of all data, and for that reason I am a supporter of the AllTrials campaign.

Despite having a predominant interest in evidence synthesis, I also have experience in clinical trials, database analysis and qualitative work. I am a Principle Investigator and co-investigator on a number of current projects.

I also take an interest in how medical evidence is presented to to patients and the public in social and traditional media.

As Deputy Director of CEBM I am involved with supporting the Centre in its research, methodology and teaching of evidence based medicine.

I work collaboratively with other researchers at a local, national and international level.

I also have an interest in clinical academic leadership. Some of my current activities include being a member of the International Primary Care Leadership program, Clinical Lead for Oxford AHSN Evidence Based Healthcare Fellowship program, and Deputy chair of the NIHR Primary Care, Community and Preventive Interventions Panel (PCCPI).

I remain a GP based at a busy east Oxford city practice.



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